During the now more than thirty years of teaching Reiki, in Holland, Belgium and other countries, I shared and cared for a lot of people, spent a lot of time focusing on others and had to learn the biggest lesson of all – how to take care of myself to maintain good health!

A major burn-out resulted in forced time off, for at least two years. During that time a friend offered help by giving me some Vitamin Supplements, with the words: ” Try these; they will help you feel better.”

A few days after starting on The Essentials, USANA’s flagship balanced vitamin/mineral product, I felt a huge change in energy. I could actually walk stairs again and do some light work in the spring garden of my little house – truly miraculous for me at that time! Along with continuing more conscious choices for becoming healthy on all levels, my health improved dramatically in a short period of time and I was able to go forward in my life with my beloved work!

Now, some twelve years later, I have also experienced the great value in sharing these wonderful products with those who would certainly find great benefit for their health. I am also a grateful recipient of the work I did with USANA’s award winning compensation plan and the Residual Income it can bring with working that plan.

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