Second Degree

Everything is energy! All seemingly solid matter has a level of vibration and a frequency. Our Soul houses our body which has its own frequency. Our body energy frequency changes and elevates during and after the initiation into Reiki. During the ninety days of recommended practice doing self-treatment with First Degree Reiki, a period of cleansing naturally occurs on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

After experiencing and observing the inner cleansing and healing which Reiki naturally and organically brings (usually for at least 3 to 12 months) it is possible that an feeling of “I want to know more” starts to nudge or ‘tingle the thinker’ from within.

Sometimes that ‘tingle’ comes for various personal reasons. It may appear as a desire to support a family member with Reiki, but that person may live at a distance and cannot come for physical treatments. Sometimes there is a personal upheaval; the loss of parent or a partner, a move to a different house or job, an “empty nest”, makes it clear that mental healing is needed at deeper levels; Reiki brings clear and personal ‘signs’ to the Reiki student about him being ‘ready’ for more. Whatever the method or reason, it is not necessarily a mental ‘decision’ to learn Second Degree, but rather a feeling from the heart that the next phase of growth in awareness is “knocking at the door of the Soul”. All that is needed then is for the personality to follow through!

Generally the Reiki student calls the Master who initiated him/her into First Degree to talk about that inner urge. The timing for the next step may even be very clear because just at the moment of the request, the Reiki Master is holding a Second Degree class… that week! Divine Timing! Attendance is suddenly possible and the “tingle” has been answered!

Learning Second Degree Reiki indicates a personal willingness for a deeper commitment to one’s own healing, as well as a promise to one’s Self to follow a path of Service. Second degree students learn the use of the Symbols Dr. Usui was given in his “Mountaintop Experience”.

A Second Degree class is held on three consecutive evenings. It includes one initiation and time for learning, writing, instruction and practice with the symbols, discussion on how to best use them for yourself for self healing, and when it is time to use them for others, for situations as well as any special personal growth focus. The inner change for the Second Degree student is subtle but profound. In my experience, all the “fogs and miasmas” we have allowed or pasted upon our self image, fall away. Practicing Reiki daily unveils our “Authentic Self”.  With Second Degree Reiki and the use of the symbols the unveiling, though subtle, continues to be a support for our process. Service and support for one another becomes simple.

Life is a miracle of Light and Divine Power; with regular Reiki practice that is ever more clear!

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