Becoming a Reiki Master

For Reiki students who have had both First and Second Degree for an extended time, they may have observed how Reiki has served them in their life. If they had many months or years in the practice, giving treatments, learning and growing into the energy of Reiki, they may begin to ask themselves:

“What is next in my life with Reiki?”

Sometimes that means they choose to enter into the mysterious space of “Reiki Master Candidacy” They may desire to take on a new challenge: learning what it means to live and express personal mastery. The process toward the Third Degree, or the Master’s initiation is a very personal one. Very often it feels like a lonely experience, because no one else can really know what each candidate/person will need to handle in life to become one’s own personal Master of Life.

Becoming a Reiki Master is not a mental decision as much as it is an inner process of seeking which leads to a deep desire to be of greater service. Becoming a Reiki Master is often preceded by a deep desire to empower and encourage others to use Reiki in their life, to teach, to facilitate classes and give the powerful Reiki initiations. This urge to make a difference in Life is part of that inner process toward mastery.

To be clear, it is not a given fact that all people who have learned the First and Second Degree of Reiki then automatically need to, or feel called to be a Reiki Master!

By becoming a Master in one’s life in handling the day-to-day issues and challenges, one answers the first call from one’s Soul. Handling those challenges with grace and foresight, with understanding of the need for patience, not only with others but also with one’s Self, is one important mission! When one’s Life is mastered, it may lead to a call from within to share that mastery in a specific way, then using Reiki as one form of expression. The initiations of a Reikimaster will lead the candidate into a new phase of growth and understanding of their Soul Contract; the personal mission with which we entered into this life.

Master Candidacy is discussed on an individual basis, with the chosen initiating Reikimaster after several years of working with the energy of Reiki as a Second Degree student. There will be at least a one year training period in which the personality and leadership qualities of the Candidate are observed, strengthened and encouraged. When I am the chosen initiating Reikimaster, I ask the candidate to organize and assist in Reiki classes. I guide the Candidate into personal processes to heal old wounds and clarify their intention to become a Reikimaster. It is important in the teacher-student relationship, that trust, support and recognition of each other’s gifts and talents become solidified. The date and place of the actual Master initiation is mutually agreed upon when the timing is right for both teacher and student. After the initiation, there is another year of support and counsel available, should the newly initiated Reikimaster desire that. A lifelong relationship is established and warm friendship is encouraged!


A Personal note: After nearly thirty three years of travels, many times together, and while teaching my own Reiki classes, I still have a wonderful friendship, personal visits and Skype talks with my beloved Reikimaster, Wanja Twan!  Her teaching, her inspirational stories and her constant interest in what is new in my life is nourishment to my heart and supports my work. On my travels, I visit with her, see her now adult kids and celebrate with her their various life-changing experiences. I have watched her grandchildren grow into mature, creative and wonderful humans. I will forever value the wisdom she continues teach through her always amazing stories and tea time conversations.

I know I am so blessed with such a wonderful teacher and friend!


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