First Degree

First Degree Reiki is the essence of learning Reiki. It is the practice of giving physical treatments, with hands on the person’s clothed body. First degree Reiki is taught by a Reiki Master who has gone through her/his own process of being trained and has practiced for an extended period of time to allow the faster frequencies of Energy of Reiki to “settle” into the body, while learning about and experiencing the energy through their practice.

As with all degrees of Reiki, the new student-to-be is “initiated” into Reiki, making the learning of Reiki different from learning all other forms of healing and not a mental process of study.

Other forms or healing usually ‘use’ or manipulate’ the energy. (The practitioner massages, moves, strokes energy on or in the energy field of the body.)

Reiki is the energy. The trained practitioner giving a Reiki treatment, merely sits with his/her hands placed on previously learned hand positions of the body, while the recipient allows the energy to fill his/her ‘battery’. It is through the “recharged battery” that the personal healing occurs for the client. There is nothing more to do but to “allow”! Whatever healing is needed for the client will occur. The client does not have to believe in the treatment. ”It”, meaning the Energy, always works!


The “energy antenna” is set straight up!

When a baby first arrives on earth, their “energy antenna” is straight and upright. The energy of a newborn is pure and strong (unless they have been born with physical problems, of course). Until about aged 5 or 6 the energy of a child stays strong and clear. If you have a young child around your house, ask her to put her hands on the places that hurt. Headaches gently ease. Pain simply disappears. Sadness changes to love. As parents we can give a simple reminder to a young child that they are still healers. We can encourage them to remember that fact through supporting their hands-on healing from the earliest years.

Later, when the thinking of a child becomes more independent and conclusions they draw about their life experiences are not necessarily based on Truth, but their personal perception of Truth, the antenna starts to ‘sag off-centre’ a little. Energy then becomes less available to the body. Just as driving away from a radio station then causes us to have to adjust the radio button for clearer reception of radio frequencies, we need to readjust our “energy antenna” to receive the frequencies clearly and thus feel strong again. After a longer time and many perceptual conclusions the body feels that sag!

Often, and for many people, that re-adjustment of the “energy antenna” naturally occurs in the personal choices made; during meditation, walks in nature, making love, having an emotionally fulfilling or a powerful spiritual experience of some kind. Mostly however, humans walk through life unconscious of their own energy needs, or ignoring the signs of depletion because of life style or personal habits.

It is at that time, when the body/mind becomes needy, we look for ways to replenish the energy once so clearly experienced. It is also at that time when most likely, a “serendipitous” meeting may lead the person seeking a change to a Reiki treatment or even a Reiki class for First Degree initiations.


The Reiki Initiation,

We are Spiritual Beings, Souls in a physical body, having a physical experience on Earth School.

An initiation is a Spiritual Experience, sometimes chosen via a conscious ritual, which gradually leads the person who is initiated to change their awareness from where they ARE toward where they want to BE.

The Reiki Initiation is a short ritual between the Source, (God or whatever you choose to call the Creator of All,) the Reiki Master and the new initiate, in which the Intention of those involved becomes clear. The symbols used in the initiation ceremony are to transfer that intention into action. During and after the initiation, the physical body frequency changes and increases. The new Initiate, through the practice of laying on her hands, on herself, her family members, pets, plants or other people in her circle of influence. Thus she gradually becomes more aware of that movement of energy within herself.. Life just happens more gently and with a Grace that is suddenly noticed. Conscious changes they make, sometimes gently and sometimes dramatically, allow the Self to shine through the personality in a much clearer way.

The experience of learning and practicing Reiki then gives rise to a new awareness of one’s own needs. Learning about one’s own psychology then leads to a personal healing and a person who is happier and content.

                      “It is not my purpose to remake myself, but to make the absolute best of what God has made”
                                              - Robert Browning -

In my experience and observation, this is what happens when people learn Reiki, and then practice Reiki in their every day lives. The new student is supported by Reiki to “…make the absolute best of what God has made”. After Reiki initiations, what has already been placed within the Self, has wonderful guidance to be able to come forward, to be authentically expressed! The key is to become aware of that guidance. Reiki supports that key.

The cost of a First Degree Reiki class is US $150.00. This amount has been a tradition since the early beginnings of Hawayo Takata teaching in the west. It has barely been changed in the Original Tradition of The Usui System of Natural Healing, no matter what inflation or the value of the American dollar has done in the world. ( Note: some Reikimasters in some countries have increased it slightly in the past few years.) This amount therefor does not reflect the value of Reiki as it could be expressed through money. The value of Reiki in one’s life cannot accurately be expressed! It is certainly not expressed by the amount paid in money, but the potential Reiki student does not know that yet. The value of Reiki is so much more! The amount paid is therefore merely symbolic, representing the intention and commitment of the student to practice what they have learned in the class.

A First Degree Reiki class is given in a series of 4 consecutive sessions of two to three hours in which the Initiations are given, one each session. The History of Reiki is told, the Reiki Principles are discussed and the form, including approximately twelve to eighteen hand positions (amount is dependent on the size of the hands  and the length of the body being treated!) are taught and practiced on fellow students. Attending such a Reiki class gives the Initiate the energy, the tools, the hand positions and the confidence to start practicing on themselves and on other people, animals and plants. After these four initiations Universal Life Force (Reiki) flows with the stream of Reiki in hands and heart!



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