How did this begin… and how now?

Updated, Sept 2012

Sometimes ideas come forth and even are written but it appears it may be an idea “whose time has not yet come” to actually make the public smile!

Such was some of this text, written for this site… but inspired more than three years ago! At that time, I was on not exactly excited about trying to figure out how to use the webpage building system which my son Mike had suggested. Seemed easy enough for him… the Tech person who makes his living placing stuff on his web pages.. but for me….Omigosh!

Okay…I started the writing anyway and at the same time had a fervent prayer to the Angels for Internet Pages. Please, send me a sensitive, intelligent, creative, person with an abundance of patience, a keen sense of integrity, and more than a tiny sense of humor (!) to help me put together what I hoped would be a beautiful website with interesting copy for anyone who planned to visit or even became an accidentally linked reader.

Part of my prayer for a website had already been answered. My best friend, creative artist Yvonne E. from The Netherlands, made the pages and link buttons beautiful… in 2003! My favorite flower, the red spring poppies, became her patiently crafted design. They sat, shining its glorious colors but unnoticed by the public! That was to remain so until the ‘process’ I was in would be complete, and the site would ‘go in the air”

In 2008 there came the invitation from Phyllis Furumoto, Lineage Bearer of the Usui System of Reiki Healing, which I have held deep in my heart for (now) 32 years, and which would clearly be a focus for the site. I thought when I answered yes to her question, “I would like to finally have my website up by then.” However the other half of the prayer.. a website creator with whom I could work together by sitting in one room, to share ideas, had not yet appeared.

Several years went by, and life carries us forward into other “important experiences” so that what was first planned is just set on the back burner of the planning brewery! A tentative experiment with another site building program partly got me going.

Enter a super smart, creative, patient, highly qualified and trained IT Engineer! There was the answer to my prayer! “Life truly happens, while I made other plans!” Time passed by, but here it finally is!

Thank you to both Yvonne in the Netherlands and Fernando in Costa Rica for guiding me through the first tentative steps of blogging, and patiently teaching me about adding content to the sites!

Now the next stage. a prayer to the Angels for Internet Pages.. Please send me clearly willing, energy congruent, Dutch and Spanish translator who loves and understands Reiki!

“Every day, in every way, it just gets better and better!”

And.. in the text of a favorite song:“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! You’re always so far away!”

What is it that is said about the Present?

Yesterday is History,

Tomorrow is a Mystery,

But today?

Today is a Gift,

That is why we call it

–The Present–

So if my philosophy is truly lived in my daily life, I would only live in the present. Actively doing that certainly stops the needless act of worrying! Now THAT is a moment to moment practice!


Which brings me to the another topic, namely:

The Five Principles of Reiki Healing – which will be the topic for another day!
Have a great week!

Love, Light and Laughter,



Poppy photograph Inger Droog


Verspreiding van ‘Boodschappen van onze Vrienden’

Het is toegestaan deze boodschappen te gebruiken in blogs en op andere webpagina's, zolang er een bronvermelding en een link naar deze website wordt opgenomen. De boodschappen zijn te belangrijk om niet verspreid te worden.