While blogging as such is an interesting way of expressing ideas and creativity, there are various forms of “blogging”. Some are even called “vlogging” – indicating video is the means of sharing information. For now, these links are my way of sharing what I have done in the past.

I also know the future is filled with promise! Who knows where this blog/vlog will lead? Time is always filled with Divine Inspiration.

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What happens during a Reiki self-treatment?

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Why should we learn 2nd degree Reiki?

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What happens after a 1st degree Reiki initiation?

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Why are people attracted to 1st degree Reiki?

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Inger’s own experience after learning 1st degree Reiki

Recorded on June 2, 2010

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One Response to Inger’s Reiki Blog

  • Marianne Barkman says:

    Dear Inger,

    I am delighted to have found you! i took Reiki 1 and 2 with Joop Gerritsen at The Hague in 1985 after you flooded Holland with your love. You came in 1984 and Joop and his partner Godschalk took their teachings from yourself. I took Reiki Master with Jan Burggraaf in 1991. I have not been able to find him.
    I’m now living in the UK the past 5 years and need to know my lineage. I think I may be 8th in line. Joop took Reiki via yourself I believe and you took Reiki from Wanja Twan, and she took it from Mrs Takata. Correct me if I’m wrong. I wrote to Phyllis Furumoto who used to come to Holland all the time in those early days and whom I met there. I had a big house in The Hague and all the Reiki courses that Joop and….Godschalk, his partner did were from my home.

    Inger, I’m also fascinated that you live in San Jose, Costa Rica! Then you will know my fairy godmother and friend Eleanor Detiger?
    She invited me to the Women’s Conference in the early ninety’s in San Jose and a group of us wise women stayed with her at Victoria House, named after her first grandchild.

    Hoping you will write to me…that would be fabulous. I live in Worthing, West Sussex presently by the sea and am loving the fresh air so much.

    I am however very Dutch…just 68 now and everyone has sadly died, including Joop Gerritsen, Ton Driessen…its unbelievable.

    Hoping very much that you will write to me!
    With love,
    Marianne Barkman

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