Reiki Introduction Page

This is an online view of what keeps me healthy and passionate about Life!

Sharing this information has just recently become another passion! This occurred because I am finally computer literate enough to build it, mostly myself, but not without great encouragement and valuable technical assistance from my sons, Darren and Mike and best friend Yvonne. I am grateful!

For over thirty two years now I have shared and taught Reiki healing, mostly with people in Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium where I first started to teach in 1984 but I also traveled all over the world to speak, sing, give classes and workshops as well as share treatments. Since 2006 I have been living part time in Costa Rica, where two of my seven grandchildren are also living. I am teaching there also, although not yet in Spanish. Life moves us in mysterious ways!

It is Reiki that has brought me all the other interests about which I care deeply. If you have landed here because of your search for me or about Reiki, please notice and look around at the top menu. Healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels is what has brought my life Health, Happiness as well as the occasional “big challenge” to bring me growth and make it all an interesting path!

Without good health life becomes an even bigger challenge! Many people and serendipitous connections have added to my long list of involvements. During one of my rest periods I met USANA Health Sciences, amazing and healing supplements keep my body healthy and able to continue to travel. Look at the wonderful gifts and opportunities Usana presents.

You now know the niche and focus of this site is healing. Since 1980 I have been committed to the Traditional form of Reiki, The Usui System of Natural Healing. However, many other forms and methods of personal support also have my interest. As it is with the Universal Life Force, there are “Zero Limits”! Who knows whereto we are all heading? The Divine is always full of surprises and blessings!

Stay informed…please come back! Better yet, contact me for a more personal conversation!

Smiles and Chuckles,


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