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Dear Reader,

Thanks to a gentle nudge from my son, Mike, this will be a self-made project. Well, that is what I had thought and hoped. Then…. As I try to upload text, in a system which has a language of its own, and which I certainly do not understand, I realize I may need a lot of techie help making this website a reality.

Really, I have enough work at trying to learn my fourth language; Spanish. I now live in Costa Rica, not in the Netherlands where I spoke Dutch because I was born there, and lived there again for the last twenty two years. And not in Canada which was the country of my parent’s choosing after the war and where I lived for some thirty three continuous years. And not in Belgium, where I lived for a year while learning some bits of French!

I am now entering Blog-lingo land! And I have to get familiar with the language of a computer programmer?  I am seventy-something years old! How does my brain wrap around some of that computer lingo? How will I get it into this random, non-linear, secondary-reacting People-Person? I do not know, but I am calling on all Help I can access, both physical and spiritual, to assist me!

Of course no one person is an island anyway. I receive a lot of help all the time from various sources. Most of that help comes from “Cosmic Connections”. These occur at times least expected, through sources I do not always know nor have a need to understand. You know, those happenstances, the “co-incidences”, the chance meetings designed by A Greater Force which I personally can only dream of and visualize.

I call them Serendipitous meetings. The word means ‘unsought rewards’. And here is a little known detail. Did you know the word was first coined by Horace Walpole on the 28 January 1754? Back in the 60’s I used to think it was a new word!

Of course dreaming and visualizing is THE way to make those amazing connections meaningful! Under the adage “What you think about you bring about”, the responsibility for my life is placed right into my own court. I get clear, know what I want, write it down in detail point form, feel the excitement, (a very important step in creating something new) and visualize it having arrived with an attitude of gratitude for the already determined outcome. Thus I am becoming a Co-Creator with that Greater Force. I even get so bold as to call that Force God because I am comfortable with that relationship. For me “It” is the same no matter what words I want to use today.

May your thoughts become clear to your conscious mind, and thus may you manifest what you want -  without doubt!

Blessed Be in Oneness,

Love, Light and Laughter,




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