I have a question

 Updated Sept 2012

I am just learning about this ‘new for me’ form of writing- “Blogging”. Seems innocent and fun! Or am I just as naïve as people say I am? What do you think about that Form of sharing? Is there a method you use to get to the Essence of the topic?

How does one Balance Form and Essence in writing?

Or do you have another question: like about Reiki, personally transformation and growth or health and nutrition?

 Yes… I truly AM interested in your answer! I will likely reply! (mail me )

 Now “It” has come – the time to actually go “into the ethers” and maybe even have some readers.  The motivating factor was a request for an interview from my friend Phyllis Furumoto, the Grandmaster, or as she prefers, the Lineage Bearer of the Usui System of Reiki Healing,( I lovingly refer to her as ‘ The Grand Poobah” )the healing form and Essence that I have held close to my heart for 32 years. Elsewhere on this site you will find links to several interviews, including one with Wanja Twan.

As a matter of fact, it will be exactly 33 years on January 11, 2013 when I met Wanja Twan, which started the path of Reiki for me.

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Verspreiding van ‘Boodschappen van onze Vrienden’
Het is toegestaan deze boodschappen te gebruiken in blogs en op andere webpagina's, zolang er een bronvermelding en een link naar deze website wordt opgenomen. De boodschappen zijn te belangrijk om niet verspreid te worden.