After the interview

Updated Sept, 2012

Dear Reader,

Being interviewed via telephone for an online radio station is definitely a unique experience!

There were imaginary visuals of a radio station; a virtual station “cockpit” of buttons and microphones; the interviewer sitting with headphones looking elsewhere for a cue from the station manager; even the feeling of a headphone on my own head! Well, as you can tell by reading this, there are only vague memories in my own mind based on movies seen in the past which are causing the above text to be written!

Just call in early, confirm I am the person for the next hour’s program, and call back five minutes before the actual program starts. Call in again, and have Phyllis’ familiar voice say: “Hi Inger, nice to connect again. Are you ready?”

Mental preparations were ready! A few key words written on paper in front of me and off we were! A clear history of Reiki in my life, as well as the history of Reiki in the Netherlands, where I introduced it, and spent most of my now 29 years as a Reikimaster teaching it.

An hour later, with a couple of “station breaks” in between questions and we were done! Wow, that was a fast hour! My head went into question mode:

What else could I have said that would have been interesting and meaningful?

Reiki Principles #2 “Just for today, do not worry!”

In other words, stay in the moment; do not stress about what cannot be changed.

Trust that Spirit did within that hour, with both Phyllis and with me, exactly what was needed. Trust that my higher Self completed the task as called for.

Surely that is exactly what happened, if I read the encouraging comments received after the interview was aired and was downloaded by friends and Reiki students. It is now no longer a download, but you can still listen to it if you care to. Click (or copy/paste) what’s here:


Phyllis Furumoto: “Reiki, Balancing Form and Essence”

Until next time!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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